New Blog!

I feel like I havent done exactly what i have wanted to here.

My new blog, I will be posting daily, tips, pictures, and just random things that happen. if you enjoy the pictures I post, and don’t mind my random talking then you should follow my new blog!


I keep losing followers!

Sorry for the lag in post you guess! Just sort of busy with Mardi Gras and hanging out with the friends!


My New Goals!

One Month Goals:

1. Be at least three pants size smaller

2. Be at least 250 pounds

3. Get to 5.0 on the treadmill

4. Not have to take a break after ten minutes of walking

5. See changes in my body

Three Month Goals:

1. Be at least three pants size smaller then i was from the first month

2. Fit a size Medium shirt

3. Start to see my collar bones

4. My thighs be at least 5 inches smaller

5. Have a flatter tummy

6. Lower body fat percentage

7. Walk on treadmill for thrity minutes without stopping

8. Be at least 220 pounds

9. Not have a double chin

10.My arms be 3 inches smaller!

Six Month Goals:

1. Be under 200 pounds!

2. Wear at least a size 12 in pants!

3. Not feel so ashamed to wear a bathing suit

4. Be toned, but still look feminine 

5. Shop anywhere!

6. Not be obese! (be at least over weight)

7. Feel hip bones with ease (not have to poke through alot of fat)

8. Not have belly go over pants

9. Run a 5k

10. Fit pajamas at old navy

11. Not worry about my tummy showing because it it fat

12. Not have love handles

13. Wear a size small shirt

14. My foot not be so wide

15. Not have loose skin


Last Night With The Trainer(TIM)

Okay guys. Last night was really tough. It was the first time I felt like giving up! I pushed through though! Tim had us beat a tire! I wasn’t completely sure why, but it is one extreme work out! To pull a stick from over you head and hit a tractor tire with all of your might for a whole minute for five intervals! Well it is extreme for this fat chick! my arms are definitely sore! We did a bit of boxing, which is the pointed where I wanted to quit. Which is odd, because I like the boxing part! My arms were so weak! If you fight through that, it gets better. I promise! Don’t ever drink a lot of water before going jog either! 

I’ll probably be gone to at least Monday! I live in Louisiana and its Party Gras (Mardi Gras)! Lol at saying Fat Party because yes, I’m fat and will party! For those who don’t already know, Mardi Gras is translated as Fat Tuesday! We celebrate not being able to eat meat on Friday’s (which it is really supposed to be not eating meat at all till Easter, but whatever) by throwing beads off of huge decorated floats, drinking, and eating! Oh Louisiana, how you set a good example!